Advent wreath 40 cm in shades of green

Individual Advent wreath with solid-coloured candles bound on straw roman.

This wreath, entirely in shades of green, captivates with its proportions and the special play of colours. It is lovingly handcrafted with moss and cryptomeria and bound on a straw roman. The solid-coloured green candles are placed in stable plastic candle holders.

The wreath is decorated with a large green glittering deer, cones, meliad berries, silver-plated artificial acorns and silver fern leaves.
Everything is masterfully crafted with passion and perfectly matched in colour.
The underside is bound with thuja-green so that no straw underlay is visible.
Mainly natural materials from Germany and Italy are used, the straw roman (the wreath base) and the candlesticks are reusable.

  • Candle size 4 x 25 cm
  • Burning time 23 hours
  • Total height with candles 38 cm
  • Height wreath without candles 26 cm (with stag)

Every single wreath is individually handmade by me personally after receipt of order!

The photos each show a sample wreath, showing the materials used as well as the formal and colour design. Each wreath is an individual unique piece made of the same materials in the same quantity and in the same colours.


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