Fragrant Spring Wreath 47 cm

Fragrant spring wreath all in pink tones perfect for use as a door or table wreath.

This lush wreath is tied with olive and eucalyptus branches, euphorbia roots, ivy and viburnum berries, fresh and artificial baby’s breath, as well as fresh bearded carnations and artificial wax flowers.

The back (underside) is bound with olive branches so that the straw backing is not visible.
Mainly natural materials from Germany and Italy are used, the straw bobbin (the base of the wreath) is reusable.

This wreath can also easily be left to dry – due to its compact processing, it loses very little of its colour, shape and size.

In addition, 3 variations are possible:

  • Variation 1:
    tied with fresh pink roses, which are perfect for drying
  • Variation 2:
    decorated with delicate white feathers
  • Variation 3:
    with delicate, white feathers and fresh pink roses

Every single wreath is individually handmade by me personally after receipt of order!

The photos each show a sample wreath, showing the materials used as well as the formal and colour design. Each wreath is an individual unique piece made of the same materials in the same quantity and in the same colours.


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